Saturday, July 29, 2006

saying hello

wow wow wow, thank you peoples, I'm fine and alive, living well, as for the WC, it's over and looking forward for the EPL again.

No worry, oldbeng still in contact with me alright.......anyway just to tell I got no PC at home, and just because some peoples are not happy with me in the company, I'm being BAN from serving internet in the office, well that working live anyway.

No worry la, in due time looking for 1 unit for home use, don't ask me why it's the office politic I suffer with it, also job schedule and routine are tight, further down attending class will take up more of my time, 1 year but still I will try updating over here.

Yesterday wanted to post but due to my 44 years life time , kaki asking me out for togo session, well this morning very early reach home at 4.30 am, now 1415 hrs back in office working on project later.

so in current time now, I may use my mobile to serve net, keep in tough, I know you peoples miss my comment in your blog, ha ha ha I try hard to, no can check up with oldbeng of my whatever, no secret, so now is just do my damn daily routine and fuck off from office everyday.

adious peoples and fellow blogger, not that I stop, it's lesser time to blog, like a-no say so :

Monday, July 03, 2006


Ke ke ke ke ke, what a good guess and prediction and what a ass luck, 3 out of 4 guesses right but different in the score prediction except 1, that's Italy vs Ukriane 3-0 score line, anyway lost on the betting with Singaporepools.

well, well, well so far some of my kaki are winning alot better than me, basically what they read and asked me, hellooooowooo are you damn very very the sure what you write is going to turn RIGHT and very 'CHUN'. My replied is like that : tell you guys what, if 50% of what I guesses is right, your winning share 50% to me, how? You know what they said: wo tio ka lai kong, bo tio you pay me si bo, well, well that's the roti plata case, pengz and pengz and pengz just b'cos they don't want to share the winning but then again want the very very chun tip, I told them well if that's the case you peoples ho beng mai tuay my prediction, so the end result is my guess they won alot better than me and keep damn very the 'tiam'. Till now nobody call me for even a lunch.

Now, here I go again making my prediction and guess, so my dear kaki, if you follow don't bloody ask me stupid questions and also my same warning, bo tio mai lai chwai wa kong lang chiao wai hor, tio liao lim teh pun bo, kong si mi lang wai leh. Sori a bit of cho loh la sub, pai sei la.

Here you go since 3 out of 4, this time if it's 2 out of 2 then I got no commitment cause I told Spin, if I 'chun' I go si bei lor look for a store to do some business, hahaha, no kidding lie that a lot of the so call 'PREDICTOR' liao, no more workforce, wa ha ha ha ha...aaaaa ke ke e...., sori kena choke by own saiva.

1st Semi-final : Germany 1-2 Italy, go Italy go.....
2nd Semi-final : Portugal 0-2 France

I remember some peoples don't like France, but bo pian leh, they are good and I said before they getting the gel and click together liao but still very hard to say if they win this one can they beat Italy on the FINAL.

This coming semi-final games, I sense that there will be alot of play acting going go, that's wayang in malay, how many yellow or red card going to be flash, that depend on the referree, if the Referree Association is going to give bonus for the yellow and red card issued and the extra bonus for the most then you'll see how the players will behaves.

Anyway it's going to be a tough games for all the teams, no team is going to be lucky, it's all up to the coach and players spirit and hardwork during the actual game play. Still I betting on my prediction that I make, I may be wrong, so the ball is still very the round, ok.

Note : for my kaki, I want my lunch, you bloody asshole all, I know you peoples won alot, don't come and kay kay with me, ok.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Quarter Final

Now the last 8 nation teams surfaced, here is the who meet who and who will progress to the next round for the semi. This is my point of view for the Quarter and my guesses.

Germany vs Argentina, this is the state where Germany will wanted so bad to beat Argentina to the semi, the same go to Argentina, well, for those who bet on this two nations will be cursing, at this state 1 got to go. Standing at home advantages Germany will have upper hand to qualify, but they must do it smart and tidy with very conscious game plan. As for Argentine they are of smaller build but have a strong mindset to set the game at fast pace and beat the German square defend line to steal the game away from German backyard, there could be another repeat of the Aussie Italian show, my guess is the Argentine will roll over this and advance by 2-1 deficit.

England vs Portugal, how to judge, let's look at the player list, English lost only Owen, but the sharpness of their striker is not knocking in goals, Gerrard and Lampard strike well from midfield, lady luck is not smiling on them, hope this get through and they can start scoring goals for England, to their back 4, at time look suspecious and nerve racking, they got good left wingback and midfield with the 2 Cole's so balance the right with Lennen. They should play a much open and long passing ball game to counter the Portugal ellegance short and sharp ball pass to open up the middle for Rooney more space movement and creativity he is capable of. Portugee lost Deco their main motivation from the centre midfield, Ronaldo KIV from injury, can or cannot let's see and pray for his apperance, back line is tight but a little slow to recover back if out of position, with Rooney they may have hard time handling, and if England is playing Lennen on the right, there will be great match to watch, it a thriller.....hee hee hee even without Deco or Ronaldo, I back the Portugee on 2-1 scoreline.

Italy (my outright Champion selection this WC) vs Ukraine, everyone must be thinking the Italian get the most easy meat, looks that way, so fast forgotten the Swiss headache already, market talk Swiss beat Ukraine easy easy, what happen next, they can't even score after the 90 and 30, even prolong to the spot kick NOT A GOAL. well what I see is the Ukraine may applied the same tactic and style of play toward Italy, lone strike Shevchenko can't do much cause his approach toward goal is well monitor by the italian, yes during his time at AC Milan, lobang pichak liao la. The Azzurri is danger on their left field, look out for Grosso and Pirlo with Toni sneaking at the attacking, they have a good pair of hand between the post, Materazzi is red carded on Aussie game so he miss this one. The bench have able replacement, leave this problem to Lippi, if Totti is to start this game, he is few to roam where he wanted to, with Guttuso sitting in the middle defending midfield, look good at this moment, the Azzurri should bypass by 2 goals, 2-0 or 3-1 maybe.

Last, Brazil (everyone favourite, samba Champion) up against France, well this morning already heard, will it be the repeat of 1998 final, well 8 long years and Brazil still want a piece of France loaf to mixed with their 'samba' ha ha will it be better with curry chicken. Now, offensive is the best cure to defensive, that what Brazil style of play so far, against Ghana see how the african breakdown their defend system, it only that the Ghanian is not sharp at goal or shooting just too weak, samba keeper is alittle careless and no good on high ball, same go to the botak of France. well, France use it in 1998, they may applied it again, hope it work for them this time round, why I say hope, look, 8 years and the France attacking and most midfielder are the same set of player, what do you think, Forever Young commo be realistic, but you just can't denial their present when come to attacking, their confident is high after this morning crack at Spain, the link is back, watch out. Brazil defend, captain Cafu (36 or so), Carlo (33) oldman liao and slow is the problem, so they rely more on the stars midfielder and striker and that is Ronoldinho,Kaka, Ronaldo and Adriano to creat havoc offencively to reduce the defensive outburst by the opposition. This game will be hard and fury, both wanted to advance, well better team win, so I'll go for the France basically the way they beat the Spainish this morning by not luck but the experience and hardwork to what I see, 2-1 France win.

So this is my analysis to the up and coming Quarter Final game between the last 8 nations going for the World Cup honour, who will prevail and who will fall, yet to know and let's us all enjoy the world greatest sport event once every 4 years.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

World Cup Fever

From the beginning of the World Cup till now it's already 19 days past, as I mentioned before I'll be like a zombie walking just because I watch all yes I mean all the damn matches, there is nice game, bore game, wild game, and alot of RED and Yellow cards, even the fun are so colourful, well the ball is still very round.

Anyway the title is World Cup Fever, it's not the madness and funatic of the game, it's that watch game at night and working on day, wa kaoz count back I just slept 2-3 hours daily except Saturday and Sunday to do the recovery, my face is getting the older look, they call the 老化 and look of a 僵尸, and you know something every wee hour 3 am game, I sure have that hungry bear stomach calling, how not to get fat like that, so ha ha skip lunch everyday, going on slimming course, not me, what I am is what I am, plump that's me and that's what I look like now. The fever thing, yes your body heat and in the morning you feel your own forehead, like you having fever and feel the very tire and don't feel like going to work, ha ha ha you think can or not leh, my boss will tell like that.

This few days my bet is ok ok only, I just think if I don't hao liang and stick and follow my dad bet, I think I make more out from there, yes my dad won quite well no doubt he's betting only for the fun of 10 each game.

Back to the game, from the beginning what I watch and the best boring game is still yesterday Switzerland vs Ukraine but the drama is on the spot kick, just simply cannot understand why Switzerland don't even score from the spot of the four kick they have, I think is the jinx thing....anyway good luck Ukraine next you meet is Italy. And the Aussie is also another wa kaoz bo pai sin a dui, there are almost controlling the whole of 2nd half and yet they just can't score, ya ya you can said Italy really pai sin that why they get the penalty on the last minute.

I still think eventually Italy will be the Champion, that's still my prediction anyway. Now from the comment Spinnee said she prefer Germany or Argentina, well they are meeting coming game, so 1 of them got to go, what's you guess, spin..., dandan love the English, ok ok Portugal is next on their list and not that my prediction count them out, they don't show they are good and can win game against the Portugee even few of their key player are suspended and injured, let's see what come may la, this two whoever win it next come the Italian, got it.

There other day when I attended my niece wedding dinner at Oriental Marina meet up with all the cousins, some World Cup funatics also, we were talking and asking who will win the World Cup, many selection and my dad asked me, all selection huh, I tell him: lau ah, you bet to win only, why you care less who win right. He said: ya lor ya lor, the trophy don't display at our place also, wa ha ha ha we both laugh. To my dad it's just pass time and win some extra expenses only, well since the last 16 he be calling me every evening around 5.45 just to ask me go meet him at Singaporepools outlet, he predict his game score and I'm marking the coupons for him to queue and place his bet, hee hee today must follow his prediction see can win abit bo, ok now is 6.15 pm, knocking off liao to meet daddy, adious.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

World Cup last 16

After so many days of night watch for the World Cup group game, the last 16 teams at last suffaced and going into a head to head knock out system effective tonight playing first game Germany against Sweden, following Argentina vs Mexico, England vs Ecuador, Portugal vs Netherlands, Italy vs Australia, Switzerland vs Ukraine, Brazil vs Ghana and Spian vs France.

Now I have complete my prediction for the World Cup games from the 16 team till the final game and the Champion is Italy.

Here is my prediction chart, enjoy huh:

Second Round
Date Time Match TV Channels Venue

24-Jun 23:00 49 Germany 2-1 Sweden Ch 27 Munich
25-Jun 3:00 50 Argentina 2-0 Mexico Ch 27 Leipzig
25-Jun 23:00 51 England 2-1 Ecuador Ch 27 Stuttgart
26-Jun 3:00 52 Portugal 1-2 Netherlands Ch 27 Nuremburg
26-Jun 23:00 53 Italy 3-0 Australia Ch 27 Kaiserslautern
27-Jun 3:00 54 Switzerland0-1 Ukraine Ch 27 Cologne
27-Jun 23:00 55 Brazil 3-0 Ghana Ch 27 Dortmund
28-Jun 3:00 56 Spain 2-1 France Ch 27 Hanover

30-Jun 23:00 57 Germany 1-2 Argentina Ch 27 Berlin
1-Jul 3:00 58 Italy 3-0 Ukraine Ch 27 Hamburg
1-Jul 23:00 59 England 1-2 Netherlands Ch 27 Gelsenkirchen
2-Jul 3:00 60 Brazil 1-2 Spain Ch 27 Frankfurt

5-Jul 3:00 61 Argentina 0-1 Italy Ch 27, Ch 5 Dortmund
6-Jul 3:00 62 Netherlands0-1 Spain Ch 27, Ch 5 Munich

9-Jul 19:00 64 Italy 2-0 Spain Ch 27, Ch 5 Berlin


That's my prediction alright, It ITALY for the 2006 World Cup and how good I even give the time of live telecast and channel so really really must enjoy hor.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Rest Day

Tonight NOT making any prediction, I'll stick to my guesses on the other blog recommented by sunflower, ha ha it at some kind soul created this for all the world cup kaki to have fun. So I think after the Final of World Cup, the champion or higher points score by who ever he/she is, I think can 'tan chia' liao, suit yourself if you want to quit your job and go professional on the score prediction.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

They Call Me The 'Buay Zhi Tong'

Wa ha ha ha, Why call me buay zhi tong leh, I do understand, I don't KPKB with you one, don't worry, still blaming me for the KNN prediction, ha.......chi....., this few days every time before and after a WC game, I sure got the sneeze symptom, I thought I got the flu bug, but no leh even every morning I shower with cold water before leaving home to work, steady leh, bo tai chi leh.

After then I asked a few colleagues and friends, those that a bit of you know 'bee sheng' type, some said got peoples scold you la, got peoples think of you la and did I offend someone and that someone curse me, you know that kind of respond and answer.

I was thinking, sure? how can be, I so good to peoples, believe it must be something else, but the damn symptom happen always before or after the game and not any other time. (scratch head) Why like that?
Untill this one muslim friend told me this,
"hey, lauhero, you write blog right?"
"Ya" I answer, "and you guess the score of each game, right?"
"Ya" I answer, "but what's there got to do with the sneezing" I asked,

"hello, you sampai sekarang lagi tak tahu apa pasal?", "what?" I asked,
"dia orang ada mungkin awak tulis punya score, tak kena, maki awak la, gitu la, awak malam malam WC belum start, gitu la malam malam sneezing ta habis habis"

Ok, Ok the above is like that, he was saying: hello, you until now still don't know what happen, then my what, those peoples got follow your score prediction, no win and then curse you, like that la you every night before WC start, like that sneezing cannot stop every night la.

Any way don't care la, sneezing take it as nostril clearance and breathe better every night, hee hee I prefer it that got peoples think of me better, kaoz curse me, like that also can, you win liao la, like it or not, ha ha I still make my guess,

Germany 3 - 1 Ecuador
Costa Rica 2 - 2 Poland
Sweden 1 - 1 England
Paraguay 1 - 2 Trinidad & Tobago

Now from the way I guess into the last 16, Germany will play Sweden and England play Ecuador, that is for Group A & B, tomorrow I try the other 2 group again, hahaha.


Happy winning every one and sleep tight and sweet after winning, ok

Monday, June 19, 2006

WC prediction

from my last post, make a wild guess and what did I get, kena fuck and asked to zipped my mouth, commo, you can ask me not to type and guess the score on the blog, how to zipped my mouth leh, ha ha ha ha, any way my prediction is base on what I judge and if you going to follow, at your own risk.

So you people must be thinking, will I make my guess again, YES, OF COURSE, WHY NOT. The whoever the anonymous is, please la, I know you are watching my prediction, nah, here I make my guess again hor, and if you follow and win, will you thanks me and if you lost, I welcome your comment, I just wonder if you going follow the what ever newspaper guess and lost, hey do you write to them and fuck them like you do to me, huh?????? hahahaha.

for tonight 3 games, now I make my guess:
Togo 0 - 3 Switzerland
Saudi Arabia 2-1 Ukraine
Spain 2-0 Tunisia

so, make some recovery on my sleep on Saturday n Sunday, my time is like I'm staying in Europe time, never go anywhere except Singaporepools outlet, Kaoz my mum said I kongkam liao, siao qui siao ka ani, you know the 'mo gan tai'. hahaha that's my mum. Don't said I gila, at least b4 WC, I do watch abit of golf and yesterday motogp race at Spain, and what a crash on the start for the 500cc race, 6 bikes off the track once race start off. It happen so fast and worst injured is Marco Melandry bike 33, he was hit by bike 65 Lori Caparossi who was actually hit by bike 15 Sete something (don't know the spelling) sound like this Gebernou. And Melandry was squeeze between bike 26 and 21 (cannot recall both riders name) and drag off the track, and both 26 & 21 hit off and fell, and bike 17 was also affected and keep off the track which he trying to 'sian' bike 15 which fly and 'pianz' infront of him, that he too fell from the speed without control, cracko race restart later without 15, 33, 65 and later into the race more 'pianz', well eventually bike 46 Valantino Rossi won this race, seconder Nicky Hayden bike 69, and third Kenny Robert Jr. bike 10.

Well back to WC, you see can't remember name, this is the effect of the WC, seem like that at the moment, blur blur that type when working, hahahaha.
Somemore kena condamn by peoples, bo boon tuay la, happy tio ho la.

Ai chun ai chun or, tonight TOTO lah, soccer you bet at your own risk liao lah, bo tio I tio kan, tio leh kam sia pun bo kong. Ok time to go home liao, my dad asked me meet him Singaporepools outlet, hey hey hey betting againt, cause my tip and cash for him last night make him richer by 480 yesterday France Korea game.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

WC 2nd Game

Look in the mirror this morning, still not that bad, not a zombie yet. I just don't know what is wrong with some good team and with all the famous player around, just because representing country get honour only no big money into pocket or what?

Anyway not my problem, in Singapore the importancy is betting, right guys?
on and off for my betting, quick count lost a little up to date. Let see tonight games, I have place my bet for all the 3 games with Singaporepools, the odd is not much but gaining a little by little as to recover for the lost earlier.

My bet is on:

Ecuador 2 - Costa Rica 1

England 2 - Trinidad & Tobago 0

Sweden 1 - Paraguay 2

so, see tomorrow go pool outlet collect money bo? you peoples better don't follow my bet guesses, su liao mai lai KPKB with me, Ok?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

World Cup Madness

Up to date I have watch all the game live telecast via the starhub cable, don't ask me, my look now is like a panda, later this week I don't even dare to look in the mirror, could be a zombie walking.

Now from the games I watch, I find that Ghana and Ivory Coast that qualified in this World Cup look the best, their lost could be the lack of experience in such kind of BIG event and mentally they wanted to proof they are of the same class as those regular qualifiers. Well tonight yet to watch how Togo preformance, Tunisia is not a new comer, so they should have the standard there, but whether they play well or not yet to see.

OK, all I can said is GOOD LUCK to them and try their best, don't count them out yet, they have the chances too. Look at the Group B Trinidad & Tobago vs Sweden, who know that T&T can hold Sweden at bay not letting them score, It's the team spirit and hard work, they have their chances too, if they are going to hold England again come Saturday and beat Paraguay, that's 5 point in the bag, they have their chances too, that of course down to England and Sweden game, you peoples must be asking hey hey hey don't you look down on Paraguay, oh no I'm not, my prediction only, T&T like I said they can hold Sweden to a draw, they must be having high spirit, moral and believe they can win England if not at least a draw, basing on what they saw England vs Paraguay game.

From before the World Cup officially open in Germany, I have actually predicted Italy to win this World Cup and my believe is still intact after this morning game again Ghana, their performance is consistences and team communication and understanding is there to shown. Lacking is the physical ending under such a summer weather, look at Ghana, they are tough and physically strong till the end, lacking the experience and finishing touch, that's the problem Italy face with playing against Ghana, Many team I saw was when they are leading, they tence to sit back and defend, not like Italy, they still attack as they are, saying go the best defence is to attack, of course you must have a strong defence backline to defence the attacking from opponent.

Another predicted team is Argentina, they play Ivory Coast and won 2-1, will, it's also the lack of physical fittness at the running end of the game, Ivory Coast is almost the same as Ghana, strong physical and the running is fast, they may have Drogba but still is a inexperience team for this event.

So far this are the 2 games that waken me up during the night to actually watch their play. I yet to see the others game and I'm not saying who is good, who is bad and who sure to win the THAMPUI (cup la). You peoples make your own prediction. Maybe you peoples can read what the expert said on papers.

So from now till Saturday, oh ya Saturday I off hor, I think it's time I catch up with my sleep also, there then I see if I can put up some of my view again. So

Monday, June 12, 2006

World Cup & Betting Result

I'm now in office and start writing this at 0925 hrs, half awake and the other half still in bed, since the opening watch all the games, as for betting lost some, I bet for the fun that mean small small play play type, mostly on score line, so yesterday and this morning game bet abit la, very unpredicted, make guesses also, here is my prediction and bet and result:

Germany 4-Costa Rica 2 (4-1) lost $20.00, Germany defend is a real cock up, playing square back line, first time like that, mostly they have a last man, but this, buay beng peh.

Poland 0-Ecuador 2 (no bet) thou Poland sure can win, heng ah bo phua, now you know why the ball is round.

England 1-Paraguay 0 (3-1) lost $50, history hai tio, also see England got up, own goal thru out the whole damn game, this is the England team, wa pianz ah, say so much they must play cross and high ball into the box, wa kaoz the 'Pole' in the center dun get much high ball and you look at their 2nd half.

T & Tobago 0-Sweden 0 (0-2) lost $50, what the hell with Sweden, SIN referee Maidin official this game some more, support abit la, gero-gero, kao bo butt sia.

Argentina 2-Ivory Coast 1 (2-1)won and recoved a bit loses, both team are strong and fast game, so far the most interesting and good game. Argentina should have attack more on 2nd half instead defend like sitting duck being shoot by Ivory, total different play from 1st half.

Serb & Mon 0-Holland 1 (1-2) lost $30, Serb strong in defend 15 in the world, Holland is a class team with good attacker, don't know how to bet, some more group of Dealt, man man watch the game la, this group game I think hard la.

Mexico 3-Iran 1 (predicted 2-0)(no bet), Mexicano, wow, this team look aggresive and fast with mixture of new n old players, some more they can tahan the heat in Germany, got chance la, got chance.

Angola 0-Portugal 1 (predicted 0-2)(no bet), kan cheong is the game, how the hell Portugal play, I dun know, I think it's the lack of combination in midfield and striker, Angola 1st timer and they trying to do a T & Tobago, heng ah.

Total lost 4 win 1, still lost a bit, tonight Australia vs Japan, my Japanes bosses (3 of them) ask me to support Japan and they will win, I teach them how to place bet also with SP, ha ha ha they win then buy me makan la, they predicted Japan win by 2 goals, score at 1-3, A-A, 4 goals, half goal Japan, 5 betting they place, $50 each bet, wa kaoz, they share share among $250, well I maybe also place abit la basing on their confident, maybe I win also leh.

Now I'm hell of sleepy liao, cannot like that, working now, nevermind go warehouse or job site look for work and sweat it out to wake up.

OK, later internet see odd pay out then go out place bet, today bet some some la, I think I bet 1-3 Japan win at 4 goals, $20 each enough liao.

Ok lah, go look for work liao, you peoples happy working and also happy watching, oh ya oh ay, happy winning and win many many la, good luck.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Another Encounter

I just wonder how many of you believe that this world there is spirit around? Don't ask me, I don't have the Ying Yang Yan, so I can't tell if there is any.

Me have this encounter many year back, also happen in Taiwan (wah, why always in Taiwan, no choice it happen there) this is not the same year, this happen when I'm in reservist after ROD,(I think 5 years) my time is ROD as Run Out Date, now is ORD (I dun know what it mean).

Ok, I'm transfered back to infrantry support company, at time we have to attached out to rifle company when they don't have enough support troop, Cpl Lauhero reported as advance party, sway! always 1 week earlier than main body one, but then fly off five days in advance for traning preparation there.

Over there in Taiwan, only training and exercise, support we are are always batch out to be enemy for the main body, ha ha that is real fun cause you don't get to follow the troop, enemy plan their own routine but must follow accordingly to the timetable schedule, always a few soldiers (6-8), either a Sgt or Cpl will lead the attack and destroy the main body advancing.

There is these 1 day which we set out earlier 1 days before the troop, from the map and compass we have, I knew the location to set up ambush, that is a 2 days jungle warefare exercise with only 4 of us as enemy. In Taiwan, even at the villages area at cross road or path way, all look almost the same, far far 1 house and alot of padi field and plantation. Now in the jungle lagi jialut, we are to ambush till night then attack.

So from morning we drove a jeep out, very early and was thinking why not go to the villages where there is better place to relax before setting up ambush point. Reason is if you go into the jungle, you cannot tahan the mosqito la, all kind of inserts and wildlife. Planned to set up only before night fall where we still can see.

Of course at the village, we (Lcp Sim, Lcp Chew, Cpl Tan n me) start drinking, playing card and so on just to relax. By the time to set out for preparation. We went into the jungle with our camoflage face and so on make up. Ya ya ya like a walking plant, fun huh, 4 of us and a little tipsy, so when reading the map it obviously little blur blur and night is falling lagi jialut. How we read the map don't ask me, we're lost. lost in the sence that we head the wrong direction, we walk for a while and think that we reach our check point, set up and time for the troop to arrive. We suppose to attack at 2230 hrs then retrieve to recovery point where our jeep is, that's the plan.

2235 hrs, Lcp Chew start signaling to us as we are half asleep: enemy right 150 metre, 2 o'clock and he start firing, we all wake up and of course without thinking we aim at right, 2 o'clock point and fire, after a few round, Lcp Sim shouted 'cease fire' stop stop stop la, we hold fire and Lcp Sim take a good look and turn to us, hey Chew ah, what the fuck, where got enemy? Chew just rub his eye and look again at the 2 o'clock direction and said: bo mae, bo li you leh, I saw few shadow carrying back pack and rifle leh, when I start fire they prone down and take cover leh, how come like that. All of us start to fierce with 'chicken pore' all over, I said, siao ah, mai hung leh, KNN in this kind of situation and this hours, come lah take out touchlight and check map again, infact all of us already waken and freshen up after the firing.

WTF, where the fuck are we, Cpl Tan exclaimed, look at the map, we suppose to see a stream on the left and behind us a small pathway for us to retrieve, fuck man, look around, we are in the middle of no where. Stunt in all our fuck face and shivering voice of Sim start to talk: wei wei wei KNN you all mai sng sng hor. Cause Sim is 1 that very scare of all this kind of dirty things, ok ok let's think again mai kan cheong, from where we walk in and that is where we are going out from here, me said then Tan took out his rope and ask us to do so also, we follow and tie ourself and joint the rope incase of we get lost and we still intact.

Doned, Tan lead and I last man, kaoz last man, scare leh if there is another extra behind me than I will jump and hug all of them together, that's what I think that time. So we start to move out, walk and walk and walk, getting late liao about 0030 hrs, where the fuck are we, don't know, BIG BIG QUESTION MARKS.

Then suddenly Chew start talking, hey, hey, you guys look, there is light over there, let's walk that direction and check it up, maybe there's help. HUH? LIGHT? WHERE? all me, Tan and Sim stunt by the remarks from Chew. There Sim squat down and getting worry and that kind of scare and fierce all overcome his mind, glummerring with fright : po pi po pi mai lai hai wa lang, po pi po pi go far far, wa lang bo cha tio li, mai lai hai wa lang, po pi po pi la. Me and Tan also start to shiver and frighten. Chew said : what? what's the problem? why you all like that? there ma you see got light there. We all then realize that, KNN CCB Chew got slight ying yang yan, sometime have sometime don't that type, thinking siao liao siao liao he must have seen somethings we don't. I shouted at Tan, Siao ah, take point walk faster at you initial direction, I scoop up Sim and Tan pull Chew along, at double time we walk throught the jungle and so happy when we saw a so call main road ( 1 car 1 direction type) and far far a lamp pole that type, we sat there and rest a while, time 0055 hrs.

Funny things is we brought along a 77 set, it's didn't even sound or any fuck call in, when we arrived at the main road, all the fuck call start coming in, OC start to scream and ask where the fuck are we, why is that we havn't start our attack. HUH? HUH? HUH? don't know how to answer, I responded, 3 9er, 3 9er, this is 3 8 alpha, we are lost, repeat, we are lost,over. There is no answer for a movement, and OC call back, 3 8 alpha, 3 8 alpha, standby, will fire flash for initial point 5 mins, check point north west, repeat point north west 5 mins, over. I replied, affirmative, affirmative, over. without knowing where the fuck are we, try our luck. OC replied, 3 9er out, I, roger out. Quickly we took out the compass and check point north west, after 5 mins, wah, flash, there is flash, so happy we call OC, 39er, 39er, this is 38 alpha, we saw the flash, over. OC replied, roger, you check map and head back to you jeep, over. Again we check map and get our point direction and call OC: 39er, 39er, this is 38 alpha, over. OC signaller: 39er alpha, sent. 38 alpha, we have point, repeat, we have point, will head direction, over. awhile later OC signaller: 38 alpha, 38 alpha, this is 39er alpha, over. 38 alpha sent. 39er alpha, report 39er 0900 hrs BTU, repeat, report 39er 0900 hrs BTU, over and out. 38 alpha out.

You know what, that is not a good sign : report 39er 0900 hrs BTU. So, all 4 of us did it BTU and reported 39er at 0900 hrs, what we get, all 3 extra duty back SIN, lucky our OC buay niow chee niow lan, pang chance. As for Lcp Chew, KNN till him for the special training we had, but bo pian, he still claimed he did not lie, he really saw all the things that time.

This is part of the training we had and I believe many of us have encounted with those spiriture happening. well throught out my active and reservist years, I encounted with 3 this kind of special, and heard many also.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


昨天,无顾的想起了我当兵时的朋友,也就想起了这个亡友。其实我们一大班都是被排到台湾的attachment也就是perm staff。一大班里就一两个是侗营,其他的就是到了台湾才认识。


一个礼拜七天,4个礼拜一个月,就只有两个整天和两个半天假期,也就是说,第一个礼拜星期六半天假,第二就一天假,第三再半天假跟着就一天假咯。Guard Duty 一个月两个,BOS 一个,COS一个, Guard duty 就一个领班,一个副班,好玩吗?还要上山去检查和巡查士兵的岗位,乌漆麻黑的,看都有问题了更不要说没手电筒的上去,没辙,还是要上去。我们把那个山上的岗位叫后山亭,因为建有一个小小的亭给士兵们站岗的,只有一个士兵站岗噢。站岗时是拿实弹不是空弹,说是两个小时换班,很难熬。问题出在,岗位之后就是深山野岭,野狗又多,很可能是野狼呢,蝙蝠,猫头鹰,蟒蛇,山鼠等等都有,哎慢慢熬吧。


在第八个月,我的buddy阿成不知是犯了什么脏东西,听说是草神(这是我们蔡上士说的,因为他是个Tang Ki)。事情是在我们休假时到郊外玩,在一镇上路边有哪些拜拜的元宝蜡烛,阿成不小心的踩到就跌倒,他又是个脾气坏的人,起身就一脚踢了过去,那些东西就飞散掉,我们一伙9个人都看到的情形。大伙就过去叫他劝他跪下道歉,拜拜赔个不是,这种东西不好玩。他就是不听话,转身就走还叫我们‘麦笑啦‘。

休假完了回营,第一天没事发生,到了第二天晚上,我是睡在隔他两个位正在看信,另一个朋友阿和就叫我看阿成,他怎么睡成这个样子, 一个‘大’字。阿和就去叫醒他,他醒了就开口乱骂人,又再睡了下去,又是大字,我爬过去再叫醒他,也是被骂个狗血领头。阿和说不叫拉不管他,我跟阿和就出去买酒,然后回到舍外喝酒,聊天,吸烟,谈天说地,讲女人经,不知不觉到了11点多。



他醒了,但还是一样,还要跟蔡上士比一比法力,情形有点紧张了,大伙躲得远远在看。突然另一位上士已经走了进来,手拿着不知是什么的,好像是个鞭,唰的在阿成背,他又晕了过去。七口八嘴的讲呀讲呀的,蔡上士说到:你们全出去点名就跟DO说阿成病了,起不了身。原来另一个上士是后备军林上士,也是个tang ki,好在他来台湾有带他的法宝,刚好排上用场。



退伍后就很少联络,过了一年伴。收到了坏消息,阿成投海自杀,死了???为什么会这样?跟他的家人了解到至阿成回国后神智都没有好转,偶尔会有哪些什么跳樘的仪式发生,有几次他清醒后要自杀都被家人拦住了,也看过医生,拜过神,去过问很多tang ki, 好了又回来,真的没办发。有一段时间看他有好转,叫他到他爸的店帮忙,那知两个月侯就这样了。我们个个都很难过,伤心。阿成这个人其是不错,只是脾气坏了点,不听解,有自己的想法,到头来还不是给他那个脾气害死。到现在偶尔我们几个都会想起他跟我们那时台湾的酸甜苦辣。哎。。。都二十四年了,回顾起来还有点心酸。

好啦,就这样啦。 我这真实的文篇用了两天,众昨晚七点到八点半左右,士斗弗了。今天在众十二点九续到现在。

Friday, May 26, 2006

Worry Leh

It just a short posting, hahahaha just in case, a bit of regretted for the last post up on the KL joke.

Remember A from my previous post, he commented on Oldbeng post and called me to go read what he wrote there, well spin, lucky you work at town n stay at west, as for Oldbeng, not I offer or ask you joint the gathering, so you not joining and that y I decided to post this since u can't come.

Ok A called, I read the comment, and did not call him cos job hold up need to finish by 1700 hours, yes job doned, but in between A called again asking me, wei lau hero bo lam pa si bo, coming CV bo? and I asked him : what's up, y CV? A start to laugh : hee hee hee, u CCB dare to write all those things and dare not call me to confirm coming CV or not?
I said: what la? busy la, got to submit report by 1700 hours, where got time to call u. A responded : u CCB scare huh? u KNN better come if not I go to your office n catch you, u CB. he hang up. That kind of tone, just wonder what the fuck he want nee????

So I just clear up my barang barang n wash my hand, while washing I think think, what nee, what the fuck did A sound so hot, so after I called him: wei, what's up? A reply : A li kor kiat, si mi pun mai kong, go CV then talk, wait la then u know.

So with this post message here that's what I mentioned, I'm worry leh.
What will happen at CV later, I dun know.
What he want from me, I dun know also.
Why is it that the post he mentioned and screw me upside down.
Sound scary leh in my mind I was thinking, but then I still have to go check it up what's wrong and see what will happen.

OK la he just call again while I was writing the above sentences, kaoz 6 o'clock go CV find him there, siao liao siao liao dun sound good to me, still burning and seem by his side others pples adding oil and petrol to burn lagi hot which I overheard the background KPKB about the KL post I wrote, liao lian liao. OK leaving 10 minutes from now, go see what's up, if I write tomorrow then it's FINE, if not you pples please read newspaper tomorrow to check out ok.


Monday, May 22, 2006

KL Joke

I really dun know wat to write cos very buzy tis few day, as I said b4, 忙里偷闲is wat I always do during work, gone HKG and back, hell of a rush, back with dry up crack lip, kaoz wan to open mouth n eat also pain, chiu. Like a ku niang put lipstick to moisturize my lip, better now at least can bite chicken wing n burger, ha.

Here is a joke many year back happen in KL, whoever I mentioned here is of no intention and offend to the character which you know who you are, I'll not mentioned name or title, just A or B n me is me, so AB dun FUCK me ok.

We are a bunch of small small small time Casino patron, at least twice a year we'll go Genting, be it gamble or fun, upon arrival everytime, it's always wee hour 4 - 5 am, cannot check in so our luggage will always go to luggage counter and start to cheong the store, but tis particular time in May 1996 (if I'm not wrong)we intented to go KL first stop then go up, KL we stay in a budget hotel recommented by Oldbeng, can't remember name, we planned a week, itenary 3 days KL, 3 days Genting.

Started off from SIN by train early hour depart at 0715 hrs, we have booked the reture by coach, not familia wz the KL area, me A & B just set off, on the train I was thinking it's a express service, wa kaoz stop every damn station, lost count by the time we're in KL at somewhere 1515 hrs I think, stunt and kena fuck by A & B, CCB!! know take coach or by air, they r the 1 wanted train, now KPKB, haha out of the station we turn left and start walking, hungry loh look for makan first, roadside store dun wan no hygiene, must be kopitiam type at least, A commented. OK keep walking at last found a resturant, order and eat and move on, took a cab to the hotel (courtesy of Oldbeng), 1 room 3 of us share add 1 bed cos we r not going anyway without either 1, not sure ma.

Wash up and clean up, barely ate enough just now, so intent to go makan again, this time go town, took a cab again to Chee Cheong Kai near Chinatown, walk and eat and view, time about 1830 hrs,
A voice up: hey guys let go some drinking la.
Me & B agreed n we move on to the buzy town area to hunt, now here is the break, I move back to SIN for some info, Ok.

In SIN we have KTV n nightclub with many many kind of name, be it decent or PRO companion, it's always a little high class with name like Orchard KTV la, 中国城 la, Ferrari la, Boss la that kind etc, etc.... ok move back to KL.

We came across a ktv by the name of 中国城, ha ha ha we just laugh and start to discuss, "how ?want to go in or not" A ask, ok we agreed, went up the stair then the entrance so cozy n nice leh, with glass door. So still very early we will thinking maybe bo PRO, nevermind go in then ask and all 4get to ask n went striaght to VIP room lead by the waiter.
Sat down as the waiter ask, "先生,请问要喝些什么呢?"
A without 2nd thought replied: "一支VSOP白兰地,大的哦。"
B start to flick the song book and I check the environment surrounding, a while I came back and asked A & B,
"wei, did u guys ask the waiter got PRO bo? kuen liao leh, ka na si bo leh."
B responded: "wo hao siao bo, mai pian la, 中国城 leh, bo PRO siao si bo?
Me said: "ya la, no other customers la, n very quiet type leh, if so sure got mummy rush in n ask want wat."
The waiter came in with our ordered and B asked: 小弟你们这里没有小姐陪坐吗
waiter reply: 对不起老板,这里没有小姐陪坐的。
we all stunt n look at each others meaning :HOW?
A said: ah! nevermind la, ordered already make a quick 1 and go other joint la.
me said: 1 damn big bottle VSOP brandy, sure or not?
A said : why u can not huh, buay sai huh, bo ko leng leh, lai la, I do the service.
B said : lai la, lim liao go other place la, bo PRO buay song liao la.
He throw away the song book and we start drinking, neat 1 full glass, yam...seng,
finish and less than half an hour, we finish the bottle like that and call for bill.

Pay up and stand up and walk out, going through the corridor to the entrance, B infront follow by A then me last. B upon reaching the door he turn around and asked: hey ask them if there is any other joint with PRO
A just dun fucking bother and walk straight to the door and walking straight right through, before I can call out to stop him, PONG!!! A squat down both hand holding his face, B turn to see what happen and I start laughing and start sitting on the floor still laughing and B too the same start laughing like hell, B & me wanted to stand up n go to A's need, just can't stop laughing both of us totally lost of strenght to attend A. A stood up push the glass door n walk out without turning his head to look, me & B chase out laughing, down stair me & B with tear from our eye, A rubbing his face and start to fuck me & B: KNNCCB, saw the door also dun want to tell me, CCB hai wa long po lay men. we still laughing and wiping away our tear trying to cool him down, ok la ok la.....hahaha wo tio hahaha siong bo? hahaha lai lai hahaha let me hahaha see.
A hot up: KNN la, see NNB la, NBCCB.
We still laughing without concern at all what the fuck he's talking and scolding, hahahahaha n slowly we slow down the laugher n check A up of his condition, wa hahaha laugh again when we look at his fucking red face with those very TL look, we just simply turn away n laugh dare not look again, can't stop laughing.

Awhile later we try to control n slow down, we went to a kopitiam sat down n drink some hot drink, cos this is the effect of alcohol at that speech, me & B is also abit of tipsy but still sobber and know where we going n not like A, trying to do a David Copperfield stunt and what a cracko it is.

That night after about 2 hours rest and hot drink and some makan, we head toward another 'Arm Tiu' having the hunky panky stunt till 1.30 am then head back hotel to rest.

Next morning me & B still laughing silently by watching A fuck face re-action and loudly imagining the happening last evening thru out the holiday n this a joke we pull everytime we saw a glass door with A around, warning by A "NO STORY BACK HOME", unable to promise and fulfill his request, this is blow out one back home, what else kena fuck by him everytime we bring up this topic, so I'm waiting for him to fuck me on this blog or by phone, still want to laugh thinking of this.


Thursday, May 11, 2006

Vesak Day Wishes

This is from my friend sms to me, also oldbeng if I'm right, so since my earlier post is all nonsence, hereby wishes all buddhist and everybody:



So tomorrow I must be kwai kwai and vegetarian too, going temple to bath buddhas and blessing.

Holiday and talk cock

Holiday, ya tomorrow is the last public holiday for the 1st half of this year 2006. And the election day is an additional public holiday for all of them, yet it seem that this holiday come once every 4-5 years only, and don't seem appreciated by most of them, in a way it is and the following day is like,

1) Boring
2) Got lots of money, don't know how to spend (not me, me empty liao)
3) Sickness is most common of all (seem like many got the flu bug, that's why
No. 2)
4) Staying up late just for the GE result and then follow by sleepless night.(Not
happy with the result. LL)
5) Following by the next day early morning winning party Thank You run, haha.
(lucky me, block away from road, so sleep till 2+ 3pm, shiok)
6) Betting pay up, broke again (betting on Hougang & Potong Pasir to lost, kong
kam, like that also bet.)
7) 66.6%, just simply guess the right number and bet again, another lost, KNN.
8) Many worry saying about you got the PP is like a chicken drumstick, but
after GE, you got to pay back a chicken, hahaha is it true, don't know leh.

Anyway, nevermind what ever, tomorrow last holiday for the 1st half 2006. Woke up early this morning for the UEFA final game, KNN final should be a very close game, the score read Middlesbrough 0 - Sevilla 4, WTF. Sevilla is a Spain team and this weekend F1 is at Spain, wonder will Alonso or Schmy win this one or Raikenen outrun them, what about Montoya. Saturday another final Liverpool vs West Ham, tip flying WH will win this one, they think Liv playing with small kids (me MU guy), let see, following Wed Arsenal play Barcelona, Champion Leagues another early morning flash, kaoz why all the final within the 1-2 week, KNN come June World Cup again, think better apply half day or 1 day leave during WC, if not Panda(es) on the run.

You see after tomorrow the next holiday is at 89 (fuck you in cantonese), what somemore ND la, think think wa lau June and July no holiday ah, that's where your annual leave come into picture, hahaha, think think better apply WC leave first, kiasu abit, oh ya, who will win this World Cup, I don't know someone told me this : If the WC is help in Europe, Europe country will win it, other than that it's all South America country, is it true?

My friend was asking me, lau hero see when the next World Cup game, we book ticket fly there and watch a live game at the stadium, how?
I said: I ever watch a WC game before liao
Friend: When, Where and which game?
I said: Last WC, in Singapore, Singapore play Thailand, Qualifying
Friend: KNNB, you CCB like that also can ah, fuck la I mean the actual last 32 team playing la, you KNN, kong siao kong pi siang khiang.
All of us start laughing like nobody business, wa hahahahahaha.......
I said, you KNN that time then talk la, this one also don't know who win, you start talking of the next one, sikali you not in this world then how?
Friend : phui, phui, phui, phui touch wood you KNN curse me huh, CCB you.

Now free already, just now no time to go lunch, hell alot of job to follow up and pre-plan, just because of the holiday tomorrow. Ask my colleague to ta pao for me nasi pardan (muslim rice with dishes). Thank you hor mister (my colleague), but he ta pao a bloody $4 rice for me, wa kaoz chi ter si bo, this is si bei kwee leh, ta pao rice this price is my 1st time for the past 40 over year, wa kaoz, LL plus TOTO $5, change $1 which I gave him $10.

Ti Kong Poh Pi Wa Tio TOTO la, tomorrow want to go Selegie queue up liao.
That what I always said: Si Mi Pun Kay, Tiong Yew Ai Wu Liu, okay, so tomorrow want go Selegie queue, is either I queue or other pples queue, that mean I bo tio other pple tio la, I go for what, I tio then queue loh..... hee hee hee

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Another from Mr GL, I find it simply amazing great and wow, just great, so share this with your pples, I just love magic.

try this site :

You just love it when he performance, oldbeng your email have it also.

How to Treat a Rude one!

Got this from Mr GL.., Oldbeng you have it too, why you never post and share share this joke in your blog, this is good.

An award should go to the gate attendant at Luqa airport. A crowded
Malta-London flight was cancelled. She was the lone attendant in charge of
re-booking, a long line of inconvenienced travelers.

Suddenly an angry passenger pushed his way to the desk. He slapped his ticket down on the counter and said,
"I HAVE to be on this flight and it HAS to be FIRST CLASS".
The attendant replied, "I'm sorry sir. I'll be happy to try to help you, but I've got to help these people first, and I'm sure we'll be able to work something out."

The passenger was unimpressed. He asked loudly, so that the passengers behind him could hear,
Without hesitating, the attendant smiled and grabbed her public address

May I have your attention please? May I have your attention please?"
she began. With her voice being heard clearly throughout the terminal, she said, "We have a passenger here at Gate 14 WHO DOES NOT KNOW WHO HE IS.
If anyone can help him find his identity, please come to Gate 14."
With the folks behind him in line laughing hysterically, the man glared at
the attendant, gritted his teeth and said, "Fuck You!"

Without flinching, she smiled and said, "I'm sorry, sir, but you'll have to get in line for that too."

WA HA HA HA,Stunning and great

Friday, April 28, 2006

Hell Of A Morning,繁忙的早上。


我起床就去梳洗,在梳头时有电话进来,一个朋友跟我说:Bros, progress reward credited。可以拿钱了,so今晚怎么样?



开始我的,嘻嘻嘻呵呵呵,sms给我所有电话里的人,来个wake up call 哈哈哈

想想好玩吗?又忙又无聊, 哈哈哈,真是的。

Tuesday, April 25, 2006







你们大家不要误会,我们是看到了新闻说附近有色狼强奸犯才提起的,而他们都是以改过的人了,有家室有事业的人了。你们都知道的,照片都瞪了,他们就说:bruddle, 按抓掼,来搭卡车去眶眶麦,悟调猎,how?

Monday, April 17, 2006

The Truth

I came across this 2 messages, go this way:
Life is Pleasant, Death is Peaceful, It's the transition that's Troublesome;

Arguing with your Boss is like wrestling with a PIG in mud, After a while you realize that while you are getting dirty, the PIG is actually enjoying it;

Help a man when he is in trouble and he will remember you when he is trouble again;

Behind every successful man, is a surprised mother-in-law;

Whoever said money can't buy happiness, didn't know where to shop;

Alcohol doesn't solve any problems, but then again, neither does milk;

Most people are only alive because it is illegal to shoot them!!!

You're not a complete idiot, there're still some part missing !

Forgive your enemies but remember their names;

People are often unreasonable, Illogical and self-centered;

If you are kind, people may accuse you of being selfish, and having ulterior motive;

If you are successful, you will win some false friends and some true enemies;

What you spend years building, someone may try to destroy overnight;

If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you;

The good you do today, peoples will often forget tomorrow;

Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough;

If you find serenity and hapiness, they may be jealous;

You see, in the final analysis, it's between you and GOD;

OK, this solved my finger itch from the past few days, enjoy reading and understand it......adious for the next few days, start busy again doing some OVERSEAS project, hahaha overseas project, ya ya ya Pulau Ubin, overseas project that's great, kaoz. Don't know what kind of facelift doned to Pulau Ubin, so many year never go liao, army day quite regular there and pulau tekong (besar and kechi island)for training and occasionally go Ubin bike cycling and cross country after army day, wow wow wow tomorrow going you know.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


如果上面的题材没有改就是我在讲屁话, 哈哈,不是三级的哦。


她:不是拉,我们代表银行贷款部门是想帮忙他人,向我们贷款付清别银行的债而我们可让你对我们的付款拉长到三或五年来还,那你不会有这么压力嘛,instalment percentage 是++++%
她:申请两天就是现在帮你添表格然后安排跟你拿你的IR return, CPF record跟你的NRIC copy两面,我们会交给你表格要你签名和掭上你要钱汇给那个银行和户口号码。批准要等两个礼拜才能知晓,批准的话我们抽一次过一百五十块咯。


Friday, April 07, 2006


这几天来来去去的游览着你们的blog, 哇,为什么会这样的情形发生呢?

人数越来就越少,为什么会这样呢? 还是大家已经觉得没东东写呢或是工做的压力太大呢?我自己也是有这种显现,不知是什么一回事。不然的话我哪会在这几天写了一些无聊的作品, 哈哈哈还敢说是作品,真是马不知脸长,不会‘稗’。





Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Have this from a friend, suppose many of you have read it before, anyway just post for the fun if those have not came across the rules.

We always hear "the rules" from the female side. Now here are the rules from the male side.

These are our rules:
(Please note....these are all numbered "1" ON PURPOSE! )

1.Breasts are for looking at and that is why we do it. Don't try to change
1.Learn to work the toilet seat. You're a big girl. If it's up, put it down.
We need it up, you need it down. You don't hear us complaining about
you leaving it down.
1.Saturday = Sports. It's like the full moon or the changing of the tide.
Let it be.
1.Shopping is NOT a sport. And no, we are never going to think of it that
1.Crying is blackmail.
1.Ask for what you want. Let us be clear on this one:
* Subtle hints do not work!
* Strong hints do not work!
* Obvious hints do not work"..........JUST SAY IT!
1."Yes" and "No" are perfectly acceptable answer to almost every
1.Come to us with a problem only it you want help solving it. That's what
we do. Sympathy is what you girlfriends are for.
1.A headache that lasts for 17 months is a problem, see a doctor.
1.Anything we said 6 months ago is inadmissble in an argument. In fact,
all comments become null and void after 7 days.
1.If you think you're fat, you probably are. Don't ask us.
1.If something we said can be interpreted two ways, and one of the ways
makes you sad or angry, we meant the other one.
1.You can either ask us to do something or tell us how you want it done.
* Not Both
* If you already know best how to do it, just do it yourself.
1. Whenever possible, please say whatever you have to say during
1. Christopher Columbus did not need directions and so do we.
1.All men see in only 16 colours, like Windows default settings:
* Peach, for example, is a fruit, not a colour. Pumpkin is also a fruit.
* We have no idea what mauve is.
1.If it itches, it will be scratched. We do that.
1.If we ask what is wrong and you say "nothing",we will act like nothing's
wrong. We know you are lying, but it is just not worth the hussle.
1.If you ask a question you don't want an answer to, expect an answer you
don't want to hear.
1.If we have to go somewhere, absolutely anything you wear is fine, really.
1.Don't ask us what we're thinking about unless you are prepared to
discuss topics such as: Sex, Sport or Cars.
1.You have enough clothes.
1.You have too many shoes.
1.I am in shape, Round is a shape.

Thank you for reading this, yes. I know, I have to sleep on the couch
tonight, but did you know that men really don't mind that, it's like camping.

This for the men to have a good laugh, as for the women give that as an education.

Don't fire at me, it's from the USA, my mind is not that creative, ok.


I have this few days a little time to view and read blog, ha ha ha to my surprise, me myself also not you peoples, practising some form of art from Mr. Copperfield illusion, tell me if I'm wrong but it's more a happy happy come happy happy go type. (su ka su ka)

Feel little unsettle when go into blog and found yourself alone, whereby there is no new articles or things to read about, not don't have la, lesser leh and alot of chim chim term I don't understand, maybe they know me but I don't leh, so it become little loh, everyone seem to just disappear to nowhere and less things to read, hey not you peoples me too. I think I learn the art of BO CHAP, BO HUE LAN & NG CAI that kind of patient, just do what you are responsible for and fuck off from work once it time up. Just don't feel right, it's not me leh.

Yesterday I read through my past posting and then laugh at my own self, what the hell am I writing about, but it bring back my good old school and army time memory and hell my working life encounted with is a life time experience, good and bad and tame and wild and terrible and so much more.

Then here I quickly post some nonsence just to keep up, if not wait kena the comment: hey why no update? or 死到哪里?or What happen? si ki liao huh! Me you know la, lao lang gei, ang mo bo ho, tng nang yi pa wa, wa tio bo shi mi pa yi, kar chim tio buay beng pei, ai sia ko ka chew ban, dui dian norn ko shi sha kang huai, guan leong wa la tai gei, mai tu lan wa leh.

Anyway about the above sentences is just my lo so pang pui la, as long you peoples know and can read tio ho, nothing much it's just my way of writing somethings for fun and trying to be funny, that's all.


Give me a BIG BIG F if you want for the above, ha ha ha NO PROBLEM LA.
Just keep writing whatever nonsence, like me pile of shit here, ha ha ha ha ha

Bo lui bo lui bo lui bo lui bo lui bo lui bo lui bo lui bo lui bo lui bo lui bo lui
si mi pun shi kay, na shi wu lui, song y y liao, ta poa le tio shi luan luan ki hiao loh, chap bo leh.....hey you chap bo gin na, kong tam po lai cai leh, an chua hiao
Start writing at 16:05 hours, 1 hour

Saturday, March 18, 2006

From PPT slide (to share)

Saw this when I was clearing my file from the PC few days back, it's a slide that name as 'zoom', unfortunately I don't know how to do it on post for your peoples to view, as which I seek the master, by sending the file to him, ha ha he responded with this message, sorry have tried, unable to do the attachment onto the blog post, can't help....

I thank you for the attempt, anywhere here I copied down the wording from the slide that go this way and it's kind of true that life is indeed not like this and how many can....

Human being are very small creatures in this world........Then
Don't be so Analytic...Don't be so Rational...Don't be so Systematic...
Enjoy each experience...Enjoy each moment and each second.
Always do what needs to be done... Expand your vision and open your mind.
Don't worry about things you don't have, but it would be better to enjoy all the things you already have.
Then, you live your life in peace
Ahhh! enjoy the beginning of each new day...
Therefore, each dawn is a new opportunity.

Then think again, is this what you want to be and can be and how can it be? Can but not easily done.

I really have a few of this kind of slides and the last post to share of this kind is also a slide with beautiful scenery and song, too bad no knowlegde of how to post it here to let you peoples have some reading, but of course I'm still seeking advice from those who know or should I say 'expert' tip, I just 'fire' my master, hahaha master OB don't get angry just joking la, and also the so call 'expert' don't expect rewards or charge me anythings in reture, it won't happen here, cause nen.....

Si Mi Pun Kay, Tiong Yew Ai Wu Lui, and I'm still a 'qiong guan tan'

Friday, March 17, 2006


今天星期五,昨天星期四,在星期三我这有很多4D马票‘笑’而昨天也就是多多‘笑’。 我的题目不是说我‘笑’的那种神经病而是开心的笑。





我是走进走出的工就是东跑跑西跑跑的,很快就到将近十二点午餐时间,我回到office就看见那些三姑六婆的在哪叽里咕噜又嘻嘻哈哈的谈话,有的看到我就很自动的走开,声音也小了,真是怀疑他们在讲我的是非吗???管他们什么鸟拉,一坐下,两个同事就跑过来问:一)要不要去吃饭, 二)喂,听说老周中马票是吗?我说呀:你们这两个妞呀,人说你就信,我叫你们做工有没有这么勤劳吖,还跟那些三姑六婆混在一起,你们迟早一样啊, 不要啦你们帮我打包吧。

过了三十分钟,有另两个女同事跑过来问我,喂,喂,喂,听说老周中很大一宗马票,是吗?我回问:你们是哪听来,又是哪个乌鸦嘴讲的?哪有这事,不要乱猜了啦,真是的。 她们不客气就坐了下来,不是啦,是收到sms的啦. 我就'什么'的一声就问:是那个瓜,唯恐天下不乱是吗?开什么玩笑。她们把手机拿给我看,哇靠,是那个疯母狗的死党,那也就是说疯母狗跟她,她再sms跟你们。我就哇哈哈哈哈的笑起来,她们问我什么事,我心想早上的事再加上现在,真是一个‘做贼的喊抓贼’就来一个外号吧‘疯母狗贼娘’


Monday, March 13, 2006

Saloon sport car transit

today got this inform from colleague that he is handling a saloon sport car transit via SIN to destination ??? (I don't know), it's from UK and he ask me to follow to do the dirty work, I said: why me, you already engaged specialist to handle it, I go only to 'dong kan kan xi kan kan' just to admire the car.

Anyway it also a chance for me to learn the handling and loading of such 'expensive and dedicate device', well heard that it cost about 235,000 UK pound for this unit, who the hell so rich buying this car for leisure and comfort. Phew, that's crazy. It's not and never seen in SIN as my colleague told me, so this is it, will take some shot on it if it unique and post here, if I know how, will ask around to do it.

Because of the damn car, I reported early today at 0735 hours and rush all my planning and schedule to my boys for them to process the jobs, hahaha, thought I'm free at 1125 hours, kaoz my MD call me up to see him, what the...... nevermind see what he want, sit at his room he start to throw plan and presentation business requirement to me, now he said, ....... san we are looking and working into this customer account for business, which our overseas offices are also some handling and some scope for business from them worldwide, here in SIN we are given this privilage to submit our proposes, we need to prepare our presentation to them, most of the ground work, security, logistics control and schedule is your baby, so please do it and submit by next Wednesday for final discussion before presentation. Hahahaha my head go blank at the instant, thinking very hard, forget it tomorrow off day, come Monday then crack my brain, see the car first come to my mind.

Nobody ask me for lunch, all chabot themselves just because MD call me for discussion, kaoz come down at 1235 hours, every damn kaki all pa bo ki, call them to ta pao, no mood go out liao, so damn fucking hot out here, that why I got time to post this lor

so you see wu lui lang ka bo lui lang differences, cho kang lang a pai mia ka bo cho kang lang a ho mia, saw yi leh si mi pun kay, tiong yew ai wu lui, ok ke ke ke, kaoz take me about 45 mins to write all this

Thursday, March 09, 2006

something to share

Today I just go throught my email message, some that I have saved in document file, while going through I came across a powerpoint slide, and it had very nice scenery, song and some meaningful phrase in it, as you know I'm a computer blur don't know how to download on blog but I have copy out the phrase, the slide author by Roli Agarwal created in 2004, received from friend as wishes, here you go:

I wish you the strength of all elements,
The one who takes your hand but toughes your heart is a true friend,
We seldom think of what we have, but always think of what we misses,
Don't cry because it is over now, laugh because it happened,
The more precisely you plan, the harder destiny will hit you,
What happens, happen for a reason,
Don't make a effort because the best things happen, when you least expect them,
The greatest events, aren't the loudest, but the most quiet hours,
The most difficult lesson to learn is:
which bridge in life to use or which one to break off,
Everybody sees how you seem, however, only some know who you are,
He who would like to have something he never had,
will have to do something well, that he hasn't done yet,
Perhap God would want you to become aquainted with many peoples in the
course of your life, so that when you meet the right one, you can appreciate and be grateful for them,
Give something a name, and it will happen,
Love doesn't require two people to look at each other, but that they look together in the same direction,
Life is a drawing without an eraser,
I wish you always : Air to breath,
Fire to warm you,
Water to drink and
The earth to live in.

I wish this to you from my heart

If you people want the slide with songs, well, give me your email address, that I know how to download, wa ha ha ha ha, I name it in my file as Love & Life Wishes.

with this post, today blog no more si mi pun kay, tiong yew ai wu lui, wa ha ha ha the sentence appear like that also can.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

To All The Cha Bo

Happy Happy 三八妇女节快乐

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Stressed & Desserts

Well, I think many of you have know about this, just received sms from friend about the above, feel it kind of true is it? So just post and share with you peoples.

stressed (压力)和 desserts(甜点), 有著很微妙的相关, stressed倒写就是desserts所以 stressed is just desserts if you reverse. 压力就是甜点,人生有许多压力,挫折,转个念, 换个角度看,它也就是我们生命中甜点,你们说呢?

my view is if stressed is desserts, why is that stressed is so suffering and desserts is so sweet, which on the other hand, ha ha too much of desserts, health problem start to surface, that go the same as stressed, and if anyone can take stressed as desserts, he/she must be a very good self-esteem and discipline person, there will be no Bumgy jumper without strape rope, laughing and merry peoples everywhere (not ting dong hor), the world is a nice place, the BIG boys wouldn't be flying up to the moon and other planets, don't know what to say liao.

Tio si ani la

Monday, March 06, 2006




到了星期六,我有做工啊,半天。到十一点多我就sms平跟川,他们也回电的跟我很有自信的confirmed, on la.好啦搞定啦可以回家小睡两个钟,完工回到家就要四点多,冲个凉就睡上一会,不到一个半钟很自然的就起身,洗个脸疏个头就六点九,本想今晚应该是打倒正午夜吧,把球杆全拿了上车,开车走了,就是有一点什么忘记做是的,想呀想呀的,哎不管了到了再说。

到啦,把杆全拿下车就在车场等咯,肚子也有点饿了。回想这两个瓜一直以来都是迟到的,我就把杆拿到range pit霸位再叫点点心来医肚子。等着等着半个钟我很不耐烦的拿起电话打给川就开始很不爽的,喂,川阿,你们做什么兰,几点了还没到,川说,噢,什么什么兰,我知道你一定睡觉的就打给平叫他跟你说我不来了,家里有点事要办,他说好的会跟你讲我就没打给你咯,但是他人都还没见到踪影,川说那你打给他咯。我很独兰的卦掉电话。

打给平,他听了就说,喂,brudder你不要独兰现,听我讲,我也不能来了,老婆大人呱呱叫了还盖我电话,很难叻。我打给老婆她很不爽的一定要我去shopping centre载她和孩子回娘家叻。很对不起啦大哥,不要生气啦(不生气才怪)。

我很不客气的就开口拉,你KNN的,说打是你,‘好练’答应我也是你,说没问提可以打到午夜也是你,还有然后宵夜的也是你,还有,还有川交待你跟我说,你CB KNN的为什么没讲呢也不打个电话来呢,你不要讲川,我会‘叼’他的,你们两个正是欠我叼叻,平就是,对不起啦,brudder,sorry 啦不要独兰我啦,我没辙叻。我就不要再听了就卦掉。他也没打回来, 算啦他们不打我只己打。之间川打给我,一样的给我骂的狗血淋头。



si mi pun si kay, lui xian tey tiong yew, ok ai ki o, ai ki o......


Friday, March 03, 2006


昨天的post题到两个新生在我部门诞生,底细很好叻,什么货仓管理课程毕业生diploma文凭,还有,还有,还什么电脑进修课程的Certificate of Archievement什么的。



嘿,开玩笑的啦,但以上所讲他们的standard到是真,有点压力,就评我的经验吧, 加油,加油,加油。 (好像笑吖吼)。

还是钱钱钱的si mi pun si kay, lui, lui, lui la, 迟早起笑,反正都是了,无所为啦。

Thursday, March 02, 2006




忍,忍,忍,能忍就是有前途,不能忍就我或他要看谁给谁来一盘‘士油炒鱿鱼’,我呢就是一个冲动的牛脾气 (很多年前的事了),想想年级大了,不能跟以前一样了,还以为是十八二十嘛。Ar..m一口把这鼓气吞进肚里,当着没这种事发生,哈哈,我的拿手好戏出场了就是‘di gong di seow’, 还以为我是那种内裤窗在外面的‘笑仔’麽,可以随便就叫我做就做的麽,糗,不打听打听我的纪录。


好啦,要我做的是包过,清仓,进货,从新安排仓库,点货的la sub工,我也指指点点他人做咯。来了两个新人还要教,清仓,进货,点货,电脑,呵,呵,呵我只己是个电脑白痴还要我教人,真是的,就随便啦又很不负责任,说不会叻他们又不相信,真不便,叫IT人教他们,他们说:你是起笑是不,我教,你工钱给我啦,我就教咯。

咳,不烦了,时到时长啦,知多少教多少, 就跟阿亮说的话做好了,问神咯。看看这两个瓜应该是有点学问和电脑知识的,好啦,明天就试试看吧,可以的话就推给他们自己保重了。 不谈了,明天又是要给人烦了,就近好像很多report要写了,为什么做工的时间总是那么长的, why like that?

kong si mi pun si kay, lui, tio si lui, tiong yew ai wu lui, na si wa wu lui, hng hng hng, ka lai kong si mi pun mian kong.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006


所为的一种米养百种人, 你有何看法呢?我相信的啊,你看到很多有钱人也会看到很多穷人, 这就是你先吃到米还是他先吃到,也就是你的富贵贫穷是早已注定了,但你会服吗? way to give up so easily

人有很多种,黑,白,黄,蓝???啊。。。有蓝吗?对不起搞错了,不要紧啦反正就是这世上的每一处都有富贵贫穷的人在。喂喂喂,回来,不要跑太远啦,在新加坡就好了啦,我说呀如果你家是很有钱,有地,有车,也有飞机大炮,你就是有钱人也就是你祖宗十八代先吃到好米又会收存起来好好的用。但如果你不是有钱人也不要气馁而不努力的求生活吧,gambatey 要加油。

以上的就当胡说八道吧,我真正要说的是新加坡哈哈还有要饭的吗?昨天我跟侗事出去吃午餐就想到要吃剪刀剪,跑去Kitchener Road吃咯,叫好饭菜就吃咯,真没想到就从我后面出现了一个四十多岁的人就开始求我给他钱吃饭,他讲华语的说:uncle,帮帮忙,我身上没钱,肚子又饿,你给我五快吃饭好吗?一直在求我跟我侗事,我侗事瞪眼凶巴巴的看着他,而我就从他头看到他脚去在想,你真他妈的,好好一个人怎么会搞成这样,衣穿的是墨达戈(montagart)库我不清楚,穿了球靴好像是阿抵达(adidas)又好像多一条的不知什么牌,他不是披头散发的哦,有点贝戈汉姆(Beckham)的发型,我就是搞不懂他求我给他钱吃饭,我侗事这时就叫起来了:(福建)找, 找,找,林贝地直道饸烹,锂咔哇要爸嚓,找啦。


人有很多种,就拿以上的来打个比喻吧,我有几个朋友就不会把他赶走, 一个是会叫他找个位子坐,帮他叫饭和水给他吃喝又付钱就是不会给他钱,另一个是叫多一盘饭从他自己叫的菜里拿一点给他吃也是不给他钱。为什么不给他钱呢?

我有过这个经验,一个男的应该是三十出头,那时我跟老爸老妈在咖啡店吃点心午餐,他走过来更向我老妈讲广东话说:阿婆,可不可以给我五块一?我妈就唏唏唏赶他走,他就转向我老爸讲起福建话:阿伯,可以给我五块一吗?我老就说他没钱,不用说啦他会向我要,想错你的心,他挑头就走开。然后我问咖啡店老板, 他呀,要五块一是拿来买酒喝的,对呀,这咖啡店的酒是五块一呀,老板还说你不给是对的,但他两三个钟后就会出现有钱买酒喝了,钱哪来的?原来是五快一讨不到就‘落价’讨两块跟三个人讨咯,一定有人给的。我很不了解是,我听过他讲很多语言,福建,广东,英语,华语,马来语,潮州,这几个很流利,海南,客家会一点点,就是不顾正业,没做工的哦,就是每天要喝上一两杯,是不是还真有这种人在。

我还是我,si mi pun kay, tiong yew ai wu lui - 哈哈,还是个穷光蛋。

Friday, February 17, 2006


Seem like alot of them going to stop BLOGGING, never mind here I seem to favour this number for tomorrow and Sunday betting, so Spin... girl girl and Kway Nen (dandan), kantow gee :


hey those saw this and bet, bo tio dun bloody tell me you bet all your lunch or coffin money in it, not my damn Fuck problem, but hor kena no need kopi what ever, thank you me will do, don't bet big I mean not say bet only small la, oh oh what the fuck man, I mean don't bet too heavily, got it

Ai wu lui hor, buay bey pio la, tio bo spin...

hell man short message take 15 minutes
si mi pun kay, tiong yew ai wu lui


在这两个星期,我看很多你们写的作品,故事,爱情篇和人生每天的过程。 我也写了两篇也有回应,是真是假也好,只要是有人读然侯写上一两句意言也就是联络上了。

有很多是像老朋友聊聊天,但有些好象是很不爽自己现在的生活或工作,有些好像在战场交锋,有些就胡说八道 (我就是这种,嘻嘻, 有理智的 ),但是要记住一点的是写什麽都好,要有自己的构思和兴趣来写就会有人欣赏。

跟你们讲,我写一篇就用到 4-5个钟,没空的话就留到明天再继续写,可能两天才写玩,你们一定是:哇靠,这样拦要两天, 是的两天那又怎麽样呢?想要去吃午餐了,回来再写吧, 呐,你们说要不要4-5个钟呢?去吃饭咯。

嘀嗒, 嘀嗒的过了一个半钟。

嘿,我又回来了,吃了两块七的午餐‘查菜饭’黑胡椒煎鱼片,马来风光,煎蛋和白饭,可了一灌,就这样一个午餐, 是不是我的题目就是我这样放下,走人,偷懒就迟一点看看情形, 哈哈哈

拚了十多天,总算这两天有那末一点点空闲才有时间来写,但也是一堆胡说八道的东西。到今天早上我真的很没情绪,想想有点可惜,很多浦客都‘放下屠刀立地成佛’不写了,又看见战争, 哎,为了什麽呢,面子,原则,还是很不爽某某人的态度,小姐先生们,看开点人就会舒服点,精神点而人也是爽一点吗?我呢就是会像大为,可不飞尔 (David Copperfield)榜样, 没办法,我工作的时间跟程序很不一定。

喂,那些放下屠刀的, 回来吧,读友越来越少了,你们还走,走个屁啊,但是还是尊重他们的意思,就是可以说有空回来坐坐吧。我今天不写什麽长篇大文了,今天拜五,TGIF, have a good wonderful weekend, me going range tonight OCC, tomorrow go shore fishing at Naval Club area, then it's see you again, adious

si mi pun kay, tiong yew ai wu lui

PS: Spin... you set up a 4D, TOTO & Big Sweep siao blog club, I join you n you be President la, how?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Blar Blar Blar

This morning as I was travelling on the bus to work, I use to listen to radio on the way, I heard this topic about Valentine Day that interest and curious me.

The topic said, they conducted a interview with some of the florist shop owner and ask this question, simply is : how is your business during Valentine Day, did you manage to sold more flower this time of the period compare to others normal day? That of course with few others florist shop owners of the same topic and subject.

In between they have casual conversation with owner, surprise me is that they said more ladies are patronising them for the purchase on that particular day for the past few years, I wonder what's that for and why more ladies and not man leh that bought flower on V-day ?????......

Ha ha the reason behind it is they bought it for themselve and make delivery to themselve in the office, ha ha ha this happen and for the past few years and attached with a wishing card stating some nice words signing off with Dear la, Darling la, admirer la and anonymous. *pengz san* Why?

The reasons is they don't want others in the office received flower and not them, also to state that they have suitor and admirer too, this is ' su lang mai su bing' attitute, buay tahan.... another reason is this is to make themselve feel better when the others have flower and they don't have. Is it so that on V-day flower can really make ladies feel that they are attached and had a loving partner that care make you feel at cloud 9.

I don't know of all this, I do sent flower too but of course to my love one and the one that I care for, not only on V-day but other special occasion and memorable day and event. I once did this on V-day also by sending all the ladies in the company I work for each a rose, just a way to said Happy Valentine with no others reason or motive with my name as sender, ha I really did have respond of thank you, cause me a lot okie, 21 stalks for 21 OL in my work place, wonder why I did that? I don't know either, just feel like doing it and done it, funny and crazy right, ya that me okie.

well well those that do not receive any flower and did the above matter, I feel that it not worst and sort of you know... why? no partner no flower is not a malu and offend thing, any problem with that, but then if you did it and pichar lobang lagi malu and jialut right, if I'm you lady I don't think I will ever do it, I just don't see the need to, what do you think, huh?

Si Mi Pun Kay, Tiong Yew Ai Wu Lui.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

17 天候

嗨,大家好! Sorry so many days no update, 我整整17天没写东东给你们毒友(oh,读友 sorry)闲读, 新年假期又拿假在家不是CBL,是很想很想好好的休息休息,忙了一整年,也很久没看电影,哈跟你们讲讲我的过程吧。

二十九晚,新年前夕又是星期六,我可没出门在家看哈哈我的最爱节目,EPL足球赛。三十年前听老人家说,在新年前夕,做子女的如果守夜的话也就是说家里老一辈的就会长命百岁,健健康康。 我呢就没睡觉,我也不知道精神这末好,没什麽理由解释,我只是看电视忘了时间也不觉得困,就这样倒天明。





老板又众 CCTV看到我回来就你知啦,电话响了,跟着就是其他部门打来,是的跟我说新年快乐,恭喜发财,有这麽好吗?嘻嘻,死路一条,工作量增加了,也就是这样17天没时间也只可看看留点意见就走人,不好意思如有得罪之处。

好啦,我就尽量的安排时间写blog给你们读友闲读吧。我感谢各位的关心又问候而问为什麽没update, 老明刚才还打给我问,笑吖,CSML well up to you to phrase, ke ke H A P P Y V A L E N T I N E to ALL BLOGGERS, enjoy your day, as to me

Si Mi Pun Kay, Tiong Yew Ai Wu Lui, but then 还是个穷光蛋。
爱狄哦 that is Adious

Friday, January 27, 2006


Heng 啊, CNY project postpone to after 十五。 看情形是跑不了今年的唠唠叨叨了,正所为我这把年纪的中年老人还没有成家,正是个过期王老五,哎,不谈这些了。


Project postpone到二十三四号吧,我也不大清楚,只是要standby, 新加坡航空展览会(Singapore Aerospace Exhibition)就在二月二十一到二十六号,这样说如果我有gatepass或会票也不能去啦。我可是每两年的展览会长客叻,也真够heng啦。我老板说:飞的你看不到,不要紧,我带你看不会飞的,哈哈哈的大笑。我在想很好笑吗,笑你XXX的XXX,不会飞的我看得比你还多呢。那些会飞的我也乘坐过满多次的,不是你们说的那些飞远程那种。



新年快乐,身体健康, 顺顺利利,万事如意。


Monday, January 23, 2006



我这个人就是这样,不怎麽喜欢跳工,一戴就十年,我哪有这麽多十年的青春呢?但还好每年都有出国(一年好几次,有七八次吧)。。。。。嘻嘻,不好意思不是公司给你去玩,是去做工,天地之大,偏偏我去的都是那些第三国家,旅游的自己看着办吧,残吗?没的玩还不要紧,做工的工具(那些不能带过去的)要找也是一个问提呀,shopping lor, 提早两天过去,每趟都是这样, 好无聊噢。

我有十多天没写东西了,这也是我十多天里很不得空也就是工作忙,偶尔看看你们的blog,忙里偷闲嘛。新年要到了还有五天吧,但过了新年又是一个新开始了,你们可有愿望呢,我还不是一样,做工,偷懒,闲逛,看球,喝茶聊天,上上K,打打球就跟以往一样,没什麽两样也没什麽进展,业务也是这 样咯,也是要飞来飞去,不要问我好不好玩,这个嘛真的是没时间。我所去的都是你们所为的第三国家,荒山野岭的又是哪些kampong地带。

好了我也就不喽喽嗖嗖了,在此就现祝各位: 要钱有钱 (但不要跟我借,穷光蛋一个),事业有成,健健康康,百事可乐,笑口长开,总之就是:心想事成吧。还有还有,新年快快乐乐啦,但愿财神爷常常找上你们家做客啦,好运了各位。

Roll Roll Roll Roll Roll Roll Roll Roll Roll Roll Roll Roll
Chinese New Year   恭喜发财,心想事成,新年快乐 

Thursday, January 12, 2006


这几天的天气,哎真是的,很多都安排好了的节目,就因为下雨什麽都要cancel或postpone. 拜二要去green结果呢在range解决, 侯来还跑了回office清理文件,一戴就是四个钟,看看我又没做到什麽东东,时间怎麽这麽快,五点多了,还是回家吧。



不是了还是出门好了,就跑去冲个凉,我不喜欢冲热水的,这种天气,不管了还是冷水,中招,冲好抹干出来就一直在发抖, 到了杯温水喝下就没这麽冷了。三七二十一把衣服穿好了就出门,还是在下着雨,又是一个不喜欢带雨伞的我咯。看看时间,哇,七点八了啦,在想今天怎麽没动静呢,还是找东西吃现吧。

到了kopitiam叫了碗米粉果条汤来吃,吃完才叫一杯kopi see来慢慢‘谈’,抽根烟享受享受那雨天的情景,吖!想起刘文正唱过一首歌好像是雨中奇景(不知对不对),“哗啦啦啦啦下雨了,看到。。大家都在跑”脑子里在想着歌,眼看着路人,手拿着烟,尽量放轻松享受享受, 那时是快到八点三十了。

坐着坐着又一个钟过了九点半,我也是第二杯kopi see了 ,心想今天应该到此为止了,又拿起一根烟心想抽完就回家,还是下着雨,应该是不会有人出来了。起身开始要走,雨又大了起来,喂喂,搞什麽嘛,心想老天是不要我回家嘛,再坐下去就是要叫kopi see了叻,看情形是没办法了,是的,叫吧!试过打电话找人出来聊天,每个的答案都是一样的:唛啦,下雨叻。

星期二, 公共假期, haji holiday, 真是那麽的无聊吗, 不是吧?
我看应该是这场雨的关系, 如果不是,你看每个人还不飞,跑,跳的,可能还窜地呢,你以为他们不敢吗?吃了你都不知道呢。gong gong

还是那一句:si mi pun kay,tiong yew ai wu lui, wu lui什麽都不重要了,天塌下来当被盖, wa leh, 还是个穷光蛋

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Pai Sai Pai Sai

I wrote this just to say : hey guys and gals, Pai Sai if you really bet on the 9115, I myself only on Sat 4D n Mon TOTO, which is every penny and cents goes into the longkang, Pai Sai and of course those do not bet on it, well good luck lor.

Any one feel he wanted to K me, please go ahead n of course not for real, I scare pain, K me in this comment if I deserve it, but don't ask me pay u back, I'm a poor man, read paper if that someone rob a bank to paid back blogger betting b'cos of his number, that's me, visit me if you can, bring some makan also, ok.

Thank You and Pai Sai again, you pples that bet really supporter, good to Singapore Pools, not good to your own pocket, pai sai, pai sai.

Friday, January 06, 2006

idling day

Ha, well today really bo liao, idling around since morning, not that no work to do but like many of you 'bo sim cheng' so 'mai cho' hopefully my boss don't see this blog of mine, if not sure kena left and right, nagging nagging and nagging.

没办法就是提不起心情来, 哎,明天又是个马票天了,今早看见我的货舱,怕怕堆得像山满满的货,不管了交待货舱'soup'把一张计划好的安排交给他去处理,要装的七个货匮橱给搞定,不愧是'soup'一个半的时间把两个搞定。我就开网来读读你们的‘故事’整天都在上网,累了就去喝喝咖啡聊聊天,嘻嘻很好,有前途。

对了,讲到马票,我可没做什麽好梦,但我回想昨天回家时的情景,六点多吧,抬起头看看天还蛮凉爽的,偶然的看见一片云的形象很像一个狗头(golden retriver的种),明年又是狗年而狗排行十一,我又看见另一片云像龙头,龙排在第五而昨天是五号,很可息我忘了拍下这两片云的形象给你们看。我猜想可不可以排出四个号码呢,先看到狗头就是九啦,后看到龙什麽号码呢,再想想没有叻,龙第五就想到是五号,唉就这样啦, 9115 啦。 这不是什麽梦而是则出来的,辛不幸运看你们自己啦,我有个条件如果中的话,拜托不要再叫我则字了,我不是什麽幸运星或算命老,有中没中不管我事,别怪我更不用谢我ok,但如果真要的话不要在这里骂或谢,email吧

好运啦 and good good luck everybody,不要赌太大,小小就好了,中了好过年。好了我可要出去货舱坐坐看看走走‘给博,给博’了。

si mi pun kay, tiong yew ai wu lui, 哈哈,还是个窘光蛋。

Wednesday, January 04, 2006





回顾2005年的遭遇, 1)欠下一屁股债, 2)4D 多多没有中, 3)做工做到大小粒,4)出差,工作没人跟,5)定了一块铁版做背盾,还是闯,6)la sub工全有我分,7)驾车没事给人后闯,8)小事大事都开会,(无聊)9)请个新人什麽都不会(diploma holder), 最后就是阿Neo(Jack/两支枪)讲的:钱不够用叻,十大遭遇, 爽!



si mi pun kay, tiong yew ai wu lui , 就祝大家:中多多中马票啦.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Ready For 2006

2006 年就要到来了,一旦过了今晚12点也就是00。00 hour, 自乘24小时也就是可以开始到数了,我就在此祝大家:

新的一年里大家有很棒很棒的BODY, 满满的MONEY, 多多的HAPPY, 每天心情都很SUNNY, 无忧无虑像个BABY。


Thursday, December 29, 2005

哎,圣诞节和新年 (还不是个假期)





换好衣服就跑了出去,第一就是找吃的,吃了一半,哇空头来了,电话响了,“喂,喂,‘里丝米郎‘”打来的人问我,哇靠,打我手提问我是谁,因为没有号码private line,我几个朋友就是这样没号码的,鬼鬼祟祟,我才接的。好彩是个‘安娣’不然我就是:‘你老辈啦,ko mai kio huh’ (嘻嘻想而已,我不会做这重事的),我就: sorry hor, wrong number la。 安娣又来:‘丝米啦,kong hokkien a sai bo, buay hiao tia la', 我好气没气的说:安娣,里卡沙拉ho bei. 安娣就:噢,噢,沙拉ho bei, sorry hor.咔嚓,嘟。。。。。。。

吃饱了就在喝茶吸烟等咯,电话又响了,这次有号码了,哇靠,冲卡笑了笑了,没办法接咯,喂,lau hero 是吗?
你有空吗?你在那里?我来找你可以吗?等我嚄? 哇噻,一口气四个问题
有,咖啡店,可以,好。 我也会敬四个答案。
唯,你讲什麽兰,不懂叻, 你在那里?
哇兰,我有空,我在咖啡店,你可以来找我,我等你来,beng pei buay?
ok, ok 你家后面咖啡店是吗?


哪晚到哪里都好,都是有cover charges的,我是很久没开金口了,那晚还好啦。疯癫到凌晨三点,算一算应该是喝了六个jugs白啤,两个jugs黑狗,一大一小色酒,谁结账就不清楚,反正不是我。在哪里有五个钟头,我唱了一个半钟的歌,好彩我会自动,不然人家以为我开演唱会,不把酒泼过来算好了。


哎,还是要花钱,所以说嘛:si mi pun kay, tiong yew ai wu lui